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Da Makeup Lab

Da Makeup Lab is an exclusive makeup studio specializing in makeup, hair and prosthetics, located in Versova, Mumbai and was incorporated on 30th July 2013.

Preetisheel Singh D’Souza and Mark Troy D’Souza are the founders of the Da Makeup Lab and are extremely proud of their venture that brings about more awareness on the use of prosthetic makeup in India. Right from character designing and basic hairstyles and makeup, to the creation of wigs, props and complex prosthetic appliances, this Lab has got it all covered.

Da Makeup Lab is extremely happy with the brands they’ve worked with and have displayed their skills on a wide variety of projects spanning film, television, TVC’s, web series that includes working with some of the leading industry organizations and artists across the country. With a proficient and fun team to work with, Da makeup lab promises to give their best and help connect the vision of the creative experts from various sectors, to a roadmap for execution and delivery.

Considering the very challenge of implementing prosthetic makeup in India, due to the lack of FX material supplies, Da Makeup Lab which is India’s first makeup and prosthetic studio, proves to be a one stop solution. The founders believe in using the power of makeup to transform an actor into a character and take utmost pride in their company that makes it possible. With a great fervour for creating realistic makeup and drawing inspiration from the world around to creating something extraordinary, this makeup studio helps you bring your imagination to life.

While Mark has a lot of experience in the VFX and animation industry, Preetisheel has always had a childhood fascination for developing creatures and characters and making them look believable through makeup that are otherwise difficult to achieve, which evolved into a passion for special effects makeup artistry later in life.

Preetisheel’s experience in the film and television industry has helped her master the art of beauty, special effects makeup and has already made her a favourite amongst the people she’s worked with. Her use of prosthetics has earned her acclamation amongst industry veterans who now completely trust her work and are willing to bank upon her with their prestigious projects.

Preetisheel has received a lot of recognition and awards for her work in “Haider” (IIFA) and “Nanak Shah Fakir” (National Award 2016) in the Best Makeup and Prosthetics category and BFJA 2018 award for Best Make-up and Hair for “Rangoon”.

Prosthetics Mastery

We have spent years perfecting makeup & prosthetics in film

The Founders

Preetisheel Singh D’Souza

Preetisheel Singh D’Souza, a known makeup and prosthetics virtuoso and a National award winner has been recognized for her work in some of the highly acclaimed movies and is one of the pioneers for introducing one of a kind beauty and prosthetics lab in Mumbai, India.

She along with her husband Mark D’Souza are the founders of Da Makeup Lab located in Versova, Mumbai. It’s a new-fangled contemporary Makeup, Hair and Prosthetics Company specializing in providing a wide range of services from character concept designing to creating out of the box looks and character designs for Movies, TV and TVCs.

This engineer turned award winning makeup artist was born in a simple conventional family with some unconventional dreams. She was born on August 31, 1983 in Pathankot, a beautiful serene green city in Punjab located in the foothills of Kangra and Dalhousie.

Academically she was a bright student. She did her BTech in electronics and instrumentation and got herself a job in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Delhi where she worked for a year. Later, she was transferred to New York where she spent another 3 years.

However, sooner than later, she realized that this wasn’t her calling and decided to follow her passion. After years of hard work she finally went to Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles and to learn all that she needed and returned to her homeland fully equipped to kick-start her career in makeup and prosthetics.

Mark Troy D’Souza

Mark Troy D’Souza is the Director and Business head of Da MakeUp Lab. He was born on October 31st 1983 in Kuwait. He completed his primary education in Kuwait and moved to India for high school. He later moved to Australia to pursue a degree in Design studies from Griffith University, post which he moved back to India and did a course in animation. Before getting into a joint venture with Preetisheel at Da Makeup Lab, he was handling his own VFX and animation studio called Running Image and a branding, marketing & development company called Mack & Mark with his brother Mack D’Souza.

He’s a competent professional with over a decade of experience in this industry. His guidance and expertise has helped Da Makeup Lab witness tremendous growth in clients and has led the transformation from its initial days to the full-fledged state-of-the-art makeup and Prosthetics Company today.

He’s been married to Preetisheel since November 2017. This husband and wife duo with their innate love for the special effects industry has led to this successful partnership that helped the company flourish. While his wife Preetisheel handles the talent and artistic department of the studio, he handles the business and is the backbone of the company.

The two most important factors in a co-founder relationship and a successful business are trust and commitment and that’s exactly how they work together.


National Film Award

Best Make-up Artist

International Indian Film Awards (IIFA)

Best Make-up

BFJA Award

Best Make-up and Hair

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