Character Design

Characters are what bring any story to life. Based on your script requirements, and setting, we create a character from scratch. We then create a digital image of how the actor cast will look as the character so that you have the proper look and feel of what a character is going to look like before diving into the look test phase.

SFX Makeup – Ageing

Story demands for an older look? We got you covered! We use a variety of makeup and SFX products to transform people from young to old depending on how much you want to age them. A few years of ageing can be achieved using makeup products while a more advanced age can be achieved using silicone appliances.


Hairstyles are a fast and creative way to transform your look. It can be simple and casual or something more complex and artisanal depending on your taste or what the script demands. You can also use hairstyles to add depth to your characters.


We use silicone appliances to modify existing features or add entirely new ones!


We create premium quality wigs and lace appliances using the best quality of hair(real or synthetic, depending on your requirement).

Silicone Props

We create realistic props to be used for movies, TV, Ad films etc. All props are custom made in silicone.

SFX Makeup – Trauma

Our prosthetic artists are trained to create realistic makeup effects using advanced techniques and skin friendly SFX material. From simple cuts and bruising to advanced injuries we can do it all. We work with you to understand what you need and create the most realistic appliances.

SFX Makeup – Tattoos

Tattoos lend a certain depth to a character. Based on what you need, we custom make designs and create realistic tattoos

SFX Makeup – Scars

Every scar has its own tale to tell. Based on your requirements we create scars that make an impact. From simple cuts and stitches to more complex burns, we do it all.

SFX Makeup – Creatures

Using make up and prosthetics, we can breathe life into any creature born of your imagination. Aliens, Monsters or Fairytale creatures, we can create it all. Work with our experts to bring creatures to life.

High Fashion Makeup

Makeup for Fashion shows and Special events. We work with professionals from various parts of the industry to bring life to their work by understanding their concepts and reflecting it in the looks we create.

Bridal Makeup

Let us help you look picture perfect for your big day! We use premium quality beauty products and create looks that go perfectly with your outfits.

Body Makeup

With full body makeup we transform your skin into an attire. It could be anything from a camouflage to a high fashion look.

Beauty Makeup

We use premium and long lasting makeup that enhances your beauty and makes your skin look flawless.